This Week's Antique "Tuesday Finds" at The Lake House!

This Tuesday we found several interesting Antiques to feature!  The first is a very unusual "Toboggan Ink Well set".  This beautiful brass "Toboggan" holds two perfect glass ink wells!  The next item is a "Flemish Style" Pyro-art Cane or Unbrella holder with a different fruit Motif on all four sides.  This unique piece is held together with Boot laces!   Third... these Arts & Crafts period Candlesticks feature a Lilly Leaf base and copper Candle cups...Very fun!  Our last featured "Tuesday Find" is this wonderful early 1900's Wicker Desk with a Quartersawn Oak Top and one drawer.  The Perfect addition to your cottage or cabin guest room!   Please give us a call or email if you need more information on these or any of our "antique finds" we post each week!