Nancy Lutes

Nancy Lutes

Nancy Lutes grew up in Pasadena, where she began her art training. She attended Northern Arizona University studying art and physiology. She uses found objects, gathers fallen branches and natural elements to make her baskets unique and one of a kind. She also takes special orders for baskets.  She enjoys designing a special basket that could become a treasured family heirloom.

Vlad Voytilla

Vlad Voytilla is a local artist that specializes in functional art -- fine wooden keepsake boxes for a variety of uses such as memorabilia, jewelry, silverware, or to contain a special gift for a significant occasion. He also creates furniture, cabinets, wine cellars, wooden jewelry, decorative mirrors, and cutting boards for display or daily use.

Michael Utterback

Moving to Lake Arrowhead when he was 13, Michael continued to develop his woodworking skills building things out of whatever he had. Honing his skills at the Art Institute, he began developing his own style using reclaimed materials including Wine Barrels. The Wine Barrel furniture became very popular with friends and family who in turn, encouraged him to sell his creations. "Often I see furniture that is poorly made and I think....I can make that so much better". Is a sentiment that motivates Michael to learn new skills and ultimately leads to new designs. He finds that Wine Barrels lend themselves to furniture design because of the ergonomic natural curve of each stave. 

Bob Thomas

Much like the way Manzanita branches are transformed by this process, my work with wood has been the most recent reinvention in my life. The first occurred when I decided to pursue a career in elementary education. The degree I had earned in Industrial Technology did not meet the requirements. I returned to school, received the appropriate credential, and that turn of events led to 35 fulfilling years as a teacher and administrator before retiring in 2010. That retirement gave me the opportunity to change, once again, and pursue creative endeavors that had been dormant during my working years... 

Gary Glibbery

Gary Glibbery

Gary Glibbery was born in Surrey, England and moved with his family to Southern California when he was a child, where he was raised. He currently lives in Lake Arrowhead with his wife and daughter.  His creative passion began in grade school with scratch built model boats.  Continuing to hone his woodworking skills, he has earned awards for his Gloucesterman Schooner and Tugboat models, as well as Best of Show several times. 

Julia Aubrey

Julia Aubrey has taught herself to wood burn, carve and weave on gourds through the Internet and books, spending numerous hours on each piece. She uses acrylics, dyes, colored pencils, two part epoxy, beads, and materials found in nature to accent her art. Through the support and encouragement of clients and family she has grown her talent and hopes to continue for many years to come.