Vlad Voytilla

Vlad Voytilla is a local artist that specializes in functional art -- fine wooden keepsake boxes for a variety of uses such as memorabilia, jewelry, silverware, or to contain a special gift for a significant occasion. He also creates furniture, cabinets, wine cellars, wooden jewelry, decorative mirrors, and cutting boards for display or daily use.

All of his designs are original, utilizing the natural beauty, color and grain contrast of the woods to enhance the contemporary and organic inspired forms of each piece. His art pieces are made from domestic and exotic hardwoods acquired from sustainable sources.

Frequently his work incorporates metal, stone, metal leaf, glass and reclaimed wood. His work is well known for its unique design, stretching the limits of woodworking techniques —accuracy, exacting detail, and, at times, whimsey.

Often, Mr. Voytilla will utilize and re-purposes reclaimed woods and other materials for his pieces that he frequently obtains from the construction projects performed by his company.

In addition to appearing at a select number of art-shows each year, Mr. Voytilla displays his artwork regularly at The Lake House in Cedar Glen, Lake Arrowhead, California, and the galleries of the Redlands Art Association and at the Riverside Art Museum in Riverside, California. He is a member of the Redlands Art Association and the Mountain Arts Network. 


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