Gretchen Corners

I have been making various art forms all my life.  My Mother was an artist and I was always Inspired by her talent.  From about 1973 my works were primarily “Textile” based drawings and paintings.  Since moving from Los Angeles to the mountains in 1992, I focused on textiles for interior décor such as wall hangings, throws (blankets) and decorative pillows. I finally returned to painting about 2009 and have found it to be the most gratifying medium.  My most constant approach to an image deals with “fragments”.  Fragments of objects and ‘scenes”, fragments of viewing and of the viewer’s perception.  I think that it is not uncommon for a person to perceive only a fragment of the information before one… never really seeing “the whole picture”  (not unlike a witness to a crime).  So I focus on the ‘parts’ thereby providing a detail of sorts – but creating a new “whole” with its own balanced composition.


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