Highlighting the Lake Lifestyle

Story originally posted  on Dec 14, 2017. Story & Photos by Andrea Garcia, Reporter.

Story originally posted on Dec 14, 2017. Story & Photos by Andrea Garcia, Reporter.

It was her attention to detail, and passion for bringing something to the mountain that hadn’t been done before, that led Robin Lyles to open The Lake House, in Cedar Glen, in 2005.

The project to open the store, however, began in March of 2004, with a renovation process that took Robin and her husband, John Lyles, 14 months to complete.

“I was hoping to create a 1930s’ feel of a home by the lake,” Robin mentioned. “Everything that you see [in here], we did. We were hands-on and did the remodel ourselves.”

John, who is a licensed architect, and Robin, saw the opportunity to master their vision and took off running from there. A functional fireplace was built, wood paneling was added throughout the store, light fixtures were updated, stairs outside of the store were added and a new door was built.

“We wanted to accomplish our goal of creating a store that felt like an old vintage lake house,” Robin expressed, commenting on her love for lake houses from when they vacationed in Lake Tahoe. She added that it is an alpine setting, but connected to the lake, much like our environment up here.

Robin also mentioned that, while in Lake Tahoe, they always attended the Concours d’Elegance Wooden Boat Show, having owned a wooden boat in the past, from which a lot of the initial inspiration originated for the store.

“The style for a wooden boat is more simple and uncluttered,” Robin stated. “When you are on a boat, things need to be in place and in order.” She added that it was that very style that she decided to incorporate into her store.

“It is simple, nostalgic, calm and relaxing...much like what you do by the lake.”

While shopping at The Lake House, customers can find everyday glassware, kitchenware, everyday towels, antiques as well as new furniture, greeting cards, seven different rug lines, gourmet food, cocktail napkins, artisan pieces, and countless other items. In addition to those, The Lake House also offers architectural and interior design services.

Several years later, in 2008, Robin developed a new idea that would bring the community together in celebration of art. She began hosting ‘First Fridays’ at The Lake House, showcasing one artist every month. Robin has just concluded her eighth season of the event and said that since the first one in 2008, she has sold at least one piece of art every time.

As a way to give back to the community, Robin donates 10 percent of the sales during First Friday to a local charity or foundation. For example, she has donated to Rim Educational Foundation, Meals on Wheels, Christmas in April, Mountains Community Hospital, and many more.

“This allows for anyone to participate, and they feel good when they know they are buying something for a good reason,” Robin concluded.

The Lake House is the perfect example of what a lifestyle of living by the lake is. For more information, call (909) 337-7676, or stop by the store, located at 28966 Hook Creed Road in Cedar Glen.