Featured Artists Julie Evans & Julia Aubrey

Another successful, fun First Friday event! Thank you to everyone who came in to support us and our Artists Julia Aubrey and Julie Evans!

Julie R. Evans is a native of California, currently living in Highland, and I has always lived in the Inland Empire. This is the third year we have enjoyed the artwork of Julie R. Evans at The Lake House First Friday event. She started oil painting 35 years ago, stating she has added watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal to her artist toolbox since. Sometimes, she explained, a subject just wants to be treated with a different medium to give the result and effects she is looking to bring out. Yet, she expressed her preference for oil paints over other mediums for most of her artwork. Julie Evans is recognized for painting realism. She uses both the standard paint brushes (making smooth, invisible brushwork or clearly defined strokes) as well as a palette knife (scooping up the paint quite thickly and carefully applying it to give the desired effect). A large percentage of her work is drawn from the natural world. She said, "I generally paint the quiet and still objects or landscapes as opposed to the populated, busy city scenes. The peaceful tranquility may be what excites me the most when I find my next subject for painting." 

Julia Aubrey is a native of the Inland Empire, wife, and mother of four. While her children were in their teen, she took a couple of tole painting classes and found it to be very rewarding. During an eight-year move to Yuma, AZ she discovered a gourd creation of three Kachinas in a gift shop and fell in love. After moving back to California and many years later moving to Crestline in 2006, with the encouragement of family she started painting again. In 2010, she started using gourds as her canvas and quickly became addicted. She has taught herself to wood burn, carve and weave on gourds through the Internet and books, spending numerous hours on each piece. She uses acrylics, dyes, colored pencils, two part epoxy, beads, and materials found in nature to accent her art. Through the support and encouragement of clients and family she has grown her talent and hopes to continue for many years to come. 

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