The Lake House goes 3D!


  Porcelain Lithophane Night Lights

Come on in and check out our newest addition to The Lake House!  These gorgeous night lights are actually a lost art form from the 1800's called Lithophanes.  The concept was invented in 1827 in France, when it was discovered that a three dimensional image could be produced by shining light through a carving of varied thicknesses in porcelain.  These artworks are made by first carving the image into soft wax, while lit from behind.  The translucent wax allows the artist to see the picture emerge as he works.  A plaster mold is taken from the carving, then porcelain is cast from this mold.  The porcelain plaques are then fired to 2300F., to achieve their extreme density and amazing translucency.  We have 7 different styles varying from Pinecones to a beautiful Woodland Sunbeam.