Richard Bennett Rigney

Split Surface Decoration — I had always stayed away from slip work in college because what I was seeing being done confused the surface with the form. But, I attended a workshop which showed me a different way of thinking about slip and the results I was seeing led me to the present body of work.

This process of applying has allowed me to recreate natural surfaces that I have seen in nature. Caves with limestone formations have stalagmites and such but also have what is called "Flowstone" or "Drapery," my salt and pepper shakers have this surface which is true to what you find in caves. Others mimic waves on a beach or in rivers.

This application felt more in harmony with the forms I love to throw, soft and rounded. I have been influenced by hard edges in my other work, but for these pieces, a natural flowing or erupting surface mimicking the natural world seems to be best. I am finding dozens of surface variations that in essence allow me to carve my work in a spontaneous way.


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